Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing approach to

Digital marketing is one of the key elements in the marketing strategy of the active players in consumer goods and retail. An omnichannel approach is key to ensure the success of an online campaign to attract customers and convince them to buy. But, a marketers’ job should not stop here. Attracting new clients is key but, retaining them is what generates sustainable growth. 

Customer Relationship Management

The first step in having an effective digital marketing strategy is having all customer data in one platform. In the digital world a retailer has many options to keep that information. There are thousands of softwares that can contain all customer information. Franc Agency is proficient in Mailchimp CRM, Sales Manago, Mautic and Mini - CRM. These are some of the price accesible platforms. 


The benefits of using such a platform are tremendous:

  • Having all customers contact data facilitates digital marketing campaigns to be segmented properly. Sending the right mesage to the appropriate market is key to increasing results. 
  • Customer history - knowing when they buy, what they buy, how they buy it, what they buy allows creating automated campaigns with a more personal message. 
  • The ability to segment and send personalized mesages increases the chances of selling more with a smaller marketing cost. 

Automated marketing

In 2022 having automated mesages sent to your audience based on their behaivour online and offline is key in the performance of any marketing campaign. If one wants to have sustainable growth this can only be obtained by using automated marketing. From automated newsletters, web push notifications, changing the content based on customer behaivour and retargeting them with ads that are similar to their interest is much more valuable than many other marketing tactics. 

Email marketing

 No matter how manypeople are saying they have enough emails in their inbox and that email marketing is dead we cannot agree. The email data base of a company is a living entity. people enter and exit as they want. Freedom of opt-in and out is key to a performing email marketing channel. There are key elements that a email campaign should follow and the results will also arrive. We know that because that is what we do every day. Email marketing is not just a newsletter one sends once a week, it is a sutainable channel to your company's growth.


When there is a good marketing strategy put in place for both online and offline activities the pay-per-click platforms play a crucial role in attarcting results. Still, price accesible Google Ads and Facebook Ads are still key players in attracting great financial results by attracting new customers and retaining them. 

New opportunities arise everyday and our team is always on a lookout for the best channels for our customers to use in order to hit their targets.

Social media marketing

We believe in organic growth of a brands' presence in social media. Our colleagues are always in pursuit of the best social media strategy and adapting the content for each platform. No matter if we are talking about Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok or Pinterest we are always adapting content to their specific in order to obtain the best organic results.

Content marketing

Each brand has its own specific  positioning, keywords and communication strategy. Our role is to maintain that and transform it to each digital channel. No matter if we are talking about copywriting, video, photo or any other type of content our job is to keep anything in line and create the right content to the right channel.  

We know what works and what can bring you the best results. Contact us for more details regarding our digital marketing services.