Fomco Imobiliare is a real estate company based inTârgu Mureș, part of FOMCO GROUP. Our role was to create a new positioning of the company and its projects having in mind the fact that the new positioning must fit into the ecosystem of FOMCO GROUP. There are seven companies and the group. Each with different management and different object of activity. Even though a challenge we have managed to succesfully transform the companies brand strategy.

Brand positioning

Building the well-being – Fomco Imobiliare

Living the well-being – Green Residence

The whole promise conveys the courage to ensure a state of well-being, which the brand assumes in all the projects in which it is involved – the attachment to the Hero-type archetype.

But if we enter into the essence of the promise and reach, again, the concept of well-being, we realize the Nurturer component of the brand, through the care shown by him in giving the end consumer a good life, a quiet life, a comfortable life – the well -being feeling.

At the same time, the presence of the word “building” has a double role: it supports the brand’s promise, communicated through a slogan, but it also has a descriptive role, in stating the industry to which the brand belongs. Another quality of the slogan is its musicality, by repeating the suffix “ing” at the end of the words “building” and “being”.


Quiet / quiet life
A clean environment
Good feeling
The nature
Space / spatiality

The project was realised in partnership with Quebed – brand agency. Franc Agency coordonated the branding and content process and Quebed implemented the visual identity and website creation.