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If your company is active in consumer goods and retailing we can help you. Our expertize and experience is dedicated to companies that are active in consumer goods and retail.

Marketing Audit

The first step into working together is to complete a 360 degree marketing audit. We must first understand your business.


To be able to create the best campaigns we work together to find the appropriate marketing, brand and PR strategies.


We do more than just draw the plan, we implement and deliver it. That is why working together is so importnt.


We offer great deals for the clients that want to work together. We have great relationships with key advertising suppliers.


15 years of experience has shown us the best ways to implement campaigns and projects.

Digital Marketing

Online marketing is a key part of our services. Pay-per-click, SEO, Email Marketing and Automated Marketing for ecommerce is our strenghth.


Creating campaigns that make a differnce is our strength. Our ideas are best represented through design, photo and video.

Research & Metrics

Our systems once put in place creates the perfect general video on all advertising activities of your company. KPIs are defined in strategy and we monitor and optimize them on the go.

We are Franc Agency!


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Daniela Șuhanea


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Smaranda Chețan

PR Consultant

Alina Grusea

Project Manager

Cătălin Laslo

PPC Specialist

Hunor Bereczki

Marketing Metrics

Claudiu Damaschin

Head of PPC

Blanka Szabo

Media Buyer

Paula Florea

Digital Marketing Specialist

Fülöp Laura

PR Specialist

Raluca Vultur

E-Mail Marketing

Melinda Raduly

Visual Designer

Ferencz Torok